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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


There is now a Mobile Version of this site available! So, share it via your smartphones, and hit me up if you need any kind of photography work done!

Lane Ellison

Stage Door - Photos from the Show

design : cosmology: campus walk : 03 february 2012

design : cosmology: campus walk : 03 february 2012: as we considered circles + axes from class this week, we took to the walks of campus to observe them in our everyday environment. lane ell...

Saturday, February 4, 2012


So, Check this out. Apparently, one of my top traffic sources is That's pretty legit.

A Conundrum

As a carpenter in the Theatre Industry, I'm expected to keep a portfolio of the work that I do. As a photographer, that sounds like it'd be pretty easy. Wrong. When I'm building, I'm not going to bring my rig into the shop and just pull it out at random... So, yesterday I got lucky and was able to take some shots of other people building some stuff. I need to make a habit of it - not only is it beneficial in my career, but as a photographer, there are some really cool shots to be had.

Narrowing it Down - Desktop Photos Got out of Hand